The Employees Of Blue Osa: Lalo, Patti, Lara, Erick And Fillo



What is your secret spot at Blue Osa that a regular visitor staying here for just a few days might not know about?

“Well, I started working here only in February so I am still looking for some secrets in here, still listening and observing. I really enjoy the open kitchen from which you can see boats at night. Everyone goes to sleep and they don’t know what happens here. The lit ships sailing the gulf look like houses. This is a very beautiful detail about Blue Osa. As I work here as a night guide, I see different things.”


What is your life motto?

“I don’t really have a motto, by I live by certain values – integrity, respect, deep listening, a sense of sacred for myself, people and for nature. I try to see everything through the lens of the sacred.”


family of blue osa patti


Lara, if you were an animal, what would you be?

“I was a deer. I’ve gone through a metamorphosis.”

Now what are you?

“Now I’m a lioness cub.”

What does that mean to you?

“I’m embracing the lioness within – the strength and the power, stuff like that. Like Simba or Nala.”


family of blue osa lara


What is your biggest strength?

“Wake up every day in the morning (laugh.) … To have a healthy life and believe, motivate myself because without motivation you cannot achieve anything. A year passes really quickly and if you don’t find motivation to go ahead with your dreams, you just wasted a year of your life. It’s not easy to have dreams but in my free time I study hard to finish my studies as it’s one of my dreams.”


family of blue osa erick garbonzo


Do you believe in destiny?

“Yes, I do. Well, two things. I believe that God has a sort of destiny for us but we also create the rest of our destiny. If I look for partying only, I can end up a drug addict, but if I don’t ask God for that, I have a choice. I mean, if you want a bad destiny, you make it; if you want a happy one, you create it too. Thieves and drug addicts were not born like that, so why they are like that? It’s because they think in that way … because before you steal something, you can think twice if that’s the destiny you want for yourself. So let’s make it clear – if you are looking for bad stuff, you will get it, but you can always choose a better destiny for yourself.”


family of blue osa Rufillo Nunez


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