The Employees of Blue Osa: Fillo, Erick, Michael, Howler and Andy

family of blue osa fillo


What is your biggest dream?

“I have a property and my dream in the future is to build a cabinetmaker’s shop, and make and sell wooden furniture there. This is my personal dream but it’s a dream for my sons too. I want to work with my sons and make sure they all have a job with me at the cabinetmaker’s shop. Right, my biggest dream yet to fulfill is to have a mini furniture company for my sons.”


What do you like about working at Blue Osa?

“My colleagues and the clients are very pleasant and they are grateful for what we do here, then also Aaron and Adam. Aaron helped me a lot money-wise, I learned more about how to use and spend my money. I really learned a lot of things here, also from both the volunteers and the clients, and from what they do. And also their motivation because their countries are so different to ours. If for example they are from a big city, they bring new ideas to us who are from small towns.”


family of blue osa erick


Michael, if you were marooned on a deserted island for the rest of your life and you could only bring three things, what would they be?

“Three women (that’s one), the most meat I could bring, and a boat”


family of blue osa Michael


Hey, Howler Monkey – why do you make so much noise in the morning? You’re waking everybody up!

“We just want everybody to see the beautiful sunrise!”

Well, what about in the evening – why do you howl then?

“Same reason as everyone else – to guard our territory and mates.”


family of blue osa howler


In a word, how would you describe your personality?

“Alegre. Happy.”

Do you have a favorite phrase or saying?

“Pura Vida”

Por supuesto, of course!


family of blue osa andy



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