The Employees of Blue Osa: Alexandra, Ivania, & Little Michael

family of blue osa - little michael

Alexandra – aka Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

What is your secret spot at Blue Osa that a regular visitor staying here for a few days only might not know about?

“For me it would be the palm tree with a Great Kiskadee nest that is close to the open kitchen. It became part of my daily routine and every single morning at Blue Osa I would check what the birds were doing, eat my breakfast and just observe the birds there singing and feeding the baby with half of lizards and grasshoppers sticking out of the mother’s beak. The Great Kiskadee family kind of became part of my own family. I just wish I could give them a hug (laugh.)”


family of blue osa - Alexandra


What is your proudest achievement?

“Well, for me, what makes me be proud of myself is that my daughter feels proud of me. I spent years living with my husband and I was dependent on him and when we separated, my daughter said I would never be able to live on my own. Now, after 1 1/2 years, I managed to get my own house and some smaller things in the house myself. I don’t depend on my ex-husband anymore so now my daughter tells me “Mom, I am proud of you.” which makes me proud too.”


family of blue osa - Ivannia

Little Michael

What makes you happy every day?

“If I can learn new things it makes me happy. Also sharing with guests, talking to people, surfing and soccer.”


Hey Steve, why are you so sad?

“Everyone is too tired to play with me.”


family of blue osa - Steve playing on the beach


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