Costa Rican Diet, More Than Just Food

Costa Rican Diet, More Than Just Food

By Naomi Olson

The temperate climate and abundance of water make Costa Rica a fertile ground for agriculture and wildlife. Though it is possible to grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, the Ticos (locals) opt for a simple diet based on rice and black beans, called gallo pinto. This is served at every meal including Casado or lunch, the biggest meal of the day. Pork, chicken or fish becomes the highlight and to round out the meal usually a salad or vegetable is prepared along with the banana-like plantain or plántano. Soups, stews and other side dishes are made from beans, squash and local vegetables like the chayote or yucca.

A simple diet tends to be a healthy diet, rich in protein and carbohydrates, full of fresh fruits and vegetables while low in fat and sugar. As stewards of the environment, Blue Osa is influenced by the local diet, not only by the simplicity and health benefits, but by the community and camaraderie meal time inspires. The employees at Blue Osa always take lunch together, you will find them relaxing and joking together, creating a sense of belonging and community. Blue Osa creates a similar rapport by bringing guests together at meal time.

The sacred dinner bell is rung four times a day at Blue Osa, to signify two light snacks and two Casados. This gives everyone the opportunity to meet other guests, share stories and sample local fare. Patacones, Sopa Negra, Chayote Picadillo, and Coconut Flan are a few of the Tico dishes everyone raves about.

Join us for a meal at Blue Osa and tell us about your favorite dish. Or make an effort to include friends and family while you dine. Just as our bodies are nourished by food, our hearts are nourished with conversation, connections and community.

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