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Take a sneak peak into the lives of our Blue Osa Volunteers. In this Confessions of a Volunteer, we get to meet Alexandra Kovacova aka The Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.

What made the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler decide to volunteer at Blue Osa?

It was a coincidence, or let’s call it a destiny. I have never volunteered in my life but a lot of plans changed when I got to Blue Osa and I found myself thinking the day before I was supposed to leave … what if I stayed? This is a paradise, there’s no better place for volunteering than in here. I am not sure if it was me or Aaron who was more surprised 😀 But it worked out and now I just believe it was meant to be and I was meant to learn a lot in here.

What was your first impression of Blue Osa when you got here and how has it changed?

The very first second was I would get bored in here as I cannot really relax for long and I have to be active but it all changed after one day and on the contrary I realized that days pass by so quickly in the jungle and I never do everything I’d like to. Well, time flies fast in the paradise, I guess.

What is your favorite thing about Blue Osa?

There are 3 things:

  1. For me the most important detail about Blue Osa is the staff as after 5 weeks we became a family. I’ve never hugged so many times in my life.
  2. The second favorite thing would be wildlife as I can never get enough of observing scarlet macaws flying above me, iguanas and lizards running in front of me, the dogs following me wherever I go, or even the howler monkeys waking me up every morning. The wildlife make my heart melt (even more than coconut chocolate dessert!)
  3. Speaking of food, that would be my 3rd favorite thing about Blue Osa – the cuisine. I put on weight like 3 kilos and my 100% raw vegan diet went out of the window together with my abs when I got here. And that was me thinking I would get in shape in a yoga retreat resort!

What will be your fondest memory when you leave Blue Osa?

Learning that I can love 20 people of staff as much as if they were my own brothers and sisters and not look down at them just because their job is cleaning or doing laundry. All the smiles, hugs and compliments I got from all of them will always stay in my heart so my fondest memory will be all the love I received in here.

What did you find most rewarding about volunteering?

I loved being able to use all the amenities, the pool, the beach, the food. I am really happy I could go for a swim whenever I needed it and join yoga classes when available, too. You cannot do this in many places where they accept volunteers so I was really grateful for that.

What did you find most challenging about volunteering?

Frankly, I am a rebel at heart which meant having a boss was stressing me out. Yogi Aaron has a strong and powerful work ethic who expects everyone to always give 100%!

What piece of advice do you want to leave behind for future volunteers?

Enjoy the place as much as you can in between the things you have to do. And don’t take things for granted in here as the times will fly fast and you will have to leave soon. There’s pretty much all you need in here, just enjoy the present moment.

About the author

Alexandra Kovacova is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. Alex first quit modeling to get 2 MA degrees at the University instead and then she also quit her stewardess job to pursue her biggest dream of traveling around the world.

After living in 6 different countries (Slovakia, Czech republic, Spain, Scotland, Italy and Mexico) Alex has been permanently on the road taking photos, videos and professionally blogging since March 2011. Thanks to the main blog Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler she has visited more than 45 countries and it’s on a mission of visiting every single country in the world.

Switching to mostly raw vegan diet and getting more into yoga, Alex also started with another blog Fit when Traveling to inspire others to stay healthy and in shape when on the road.

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