Stop Feeling Shame!

How to market myself as a yoga teacher

A few years ago, some of my students who had been with me from day one, suddenly turned on me. They thought that I had lost my way just because I started becoming successful. When … Read More

Who Is Yogi Aaron?

Yogi Aaron at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Yogi Aaron’s greatest desire is for people to realize the fragility of life and savor every precious moment. He believes too many of us live in the shadows afraid to embrace the abundance that will … Read More

Get your ass checked out!

How to get a colonoscopy

Last week I overcame one of my own biggest hurdles. I GOT MY ASS CHECKED OUT! The one thing guys are afraid of, unless you’re gay, is getting their asses checked out. And more often … Read More

How To Be A Consumerist Yogi


by Yogi Aaron Look at the last year and all things you spent money on. Now ask yourself, did all these things this help you in your path towards enlightenment. Did these things really make … Read More