How to Live a Fearless Life

how to live a fearless life

There are so many explanations for what yoga is, what constitutes a yoga practice and what we should really focus on in our practice. People always ask,“What should my yoga practice be?” For many, “practice” … Read More

Step Into Your Fear

step into your fear be strong and courageous

A few years ago before the winter solstice, as the days grew darker and shorter, I began to notice how my attention shifted to the “dark” areas of my life. I came to realize that … Read More

How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat

How to choose the right yoga retreat

You have probably been thinking about leading a yoga retreat. You might already be leading yoga retreats. So what now? What are the steps you should follow? What should you do next? What are the … Read More

How To Lose 15lbs In 21 Days


Until the age of 32, I had the metabolism of a horse. I could burn anything I ate—and I could eat a lot. And then something happened—my yoga career. From the age of 18 to … Read More

How Strong Is Your Faith


So many times in my life I have needed my faith to pull me out of some mess I’ve somehow gotten into. As my business partner, Adam and I have faced the enormity of Blue … Read More

How To Live A More Spiritual Life

Your entire life becomes your yoga practice

No matter who we are, we all struggle with our spiritual practice. Everything from prayer, to feeling gratitude, saying thank you, our connection to the divine, meditation, yoga… it is difficult. Below, my teacher Swami … Read More