Live Your Life Fearlessly Through Yoga

live your life fearlessly

As a yoga teacher, I receive a lot of emails from the past and current students who have attended classes and retreats with me. They explain how their lives are changing, and how they are … Read More

Shantaram vs Ramayana

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By Dekoji A Study of the Ramayana and Shantaram How does someone write about a country of one billion people speaking hundreds of languages, practicing all of the world’s major religions? How does someone write … Read More

Why Geese Fly In A V Formation

why geese fly

This fall, when you see geese heading South for the winter, flying along in a V formation, you might consider what science has discovered as to why they fly that way. As each bird flaps … Read More

The Importance Of Spiritual Fitness


From Yogi Aaron: The following talk is inspiring and practical. Many of us wonder what it takes to tread a spiritual path. Many students always ask what it takes to live a spiritual life and … Read More

Knowing Yourself

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by Swami Rama The aim of life is Self-realization. The saying, “Know thyself,” was written on the temple of the oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece. This is where East and West meet. Both East … Read More

Yoga For Your Digestive Problems

yoga for digestive problems

What is the digestive system? The digestive system is a set of organs that help process the food that we eat. It is important for the body to breakdown this food, so that the vital … Read More

The Ripple Effects Of Yoga Retreat

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Getting Connected On A Yoga Retreat by Yogi Aaron Having just come back from leading a retreat and spending five wondrous days with 21 men, I am reminded yet again of the profound effect that … Read More