Partner Yoga


by Alain J. Benitez What’s Partner Yoga Like? Your typical yoga practice may not start by positioning yourself back to back with the teacher and receiving an assisted back bend and chest opener as you … Read More

The Gateway Posture: Parighasana

The Gateway posture- Blue Osa Costa Rica

The Gateway Pose is an invigorating side bend, that allows us to stretch the side body, expand the intercostal muscles, and deepen the breath. As a society, we are very aware and developed in our … Read More

Yoga Practice Twice A Day

yoga practice

Energy stored is energy released when the bell is rung for the start of yoga practice twice a day. So much depends upon the moment the sound of the bell is released. Silence is an … Read More

The Story of a Paralyzed Yoga Teacher


After coming back from India, I became very attentive to the stories of others who became injured and healed quickly due to yoga. Many people thought I should stop yoga or assumed I would not … Read More