She Rocks it! With Genny Kapuler


After taking Genny Kapuler’s Level III Iyengar class, Sleuth got caught fawning. “She knows everything,” I told my friend. She told me to tell Genny myself. Red-handed, I did, to which she replied, “I don’t … Read More

How To Find The True Meaning Of Yoga


Finding the true meaning of yoga may take you a lifetime but the true joy comes from enjoying each step along the way. It took me quite some time to find an isolated spot in … Read More

How To Be A Consumerist Yogi


by Yogi Aaron Look at the last year and all things you spent money on. Now ask yourself, did all these things this help you in your path towards enlightenment. Did these things really make … Read More

Partner Yoga


by Alain J. Benitez What’s Partner Yoga Like? Your typical yoga practice may not start by positioning yourself back to back with the teacher and receiving an assisted back bend and chest opener as you … Read More