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woman in a yoga pose at Blue Osa

The One-Month Immersion 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

IMAGINE. What would it feel like to have no obligations to attend to? No errands to run? And no chores to get done –– for an entire month?

What would it feel like to have only one responsibility?


Open to learning. To self-discovery. To become who your soul is longing to be. Open to becoming your best possible self.

The best yoga teacher training programs all provide their students with a safe space outside of their everyday routine. A YTT intensive immersion gives you the space to go deep, get confident, and get certified. Learning is accelerated, confidence is amplified, and new habits are formed.

This life transforming program listed below helps you to deepen your practice, connect to your purpose and lead others toward greater health and wellness.

Oct, 21 — Nov, 18 | $3990