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Shakti Ignite Yoga Retreat with Kiya

Shakti Ignite | Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

A Transformation Adventure



Shakti” is a Sanskrit word that means Power + Divine Energy.

Breathwork is a game-changer and the secret to radiant health + vitality at every age.

We begin every day with breathwork on the beach at sunrise.

You create the energetic blueprint for your life.


Tune into your higher self.

Learn how to hear the soft, subtle voice of your intuition.

Breakthrough fear and limiting beliefs.

Take command of your body + your future.

Make your own moves.   


What if you thought you were driving a Toyota?

Then woke up and realized you are actually more like a Porsche?

That’s how Active Internal Resistance Training (AIR) works for your body.

Maximize your human potential using your own body weight + objects found in nature.

Look + feel radiantly alive.

AIR Bar Fitness, Yoga, Beach Walks, HIIT Training, and Outdoor Adventure Activities.  


Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed + Local.


The high vibe, superfood meals, snacks, smoothies, bowls, juices, tonics + elixirs to heal your body and expand your mind.


Sound is the fastest way to shift your energetic vibrational frequency.

Energy is magnetic so the way you feel is what you attract.

Enjoy music and sound healing sessions + connect w/ airbarfit to stay connected to our sound all year.


Align with the frequency of Planet Earth.

Experience deep, natural healing + a boost in energy.

Remember who you really are.

Being in nature works as a powerful antidepressant so you regain your motivation + lust for life.


Epic adventure stimulates the same bio (body) chemical chain reaction in the human body as falling in love.

When you get out of your comfort zone and realize you are stronger, faster, and smarter than you think it gives you a huge boost of confidence.

Authentic self-expression is the definition of self-esteem.

The more you learn + experience about yourself, the easier it is to know and trust yourself above all else.

Ready to fall in love?

With yourself?

Jan, 8 — Jan, 13 | $2300

Only 15 spots are available.
These will go fast.
Please secure your booking by making a deposit of $1000

About Your Yoga Instructor:

Kiya Knight

Sports Scientist & Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor + Nutritionist ACE.

I am also a “wizard” of personal transformation.

For 19 years I’ve been creating a career in Outdoor Adventure Fitness Training globally because I understand that adventure = lust for life and that means some seriously kick-ass motivation to accomplish your big, wild, awesome dreams.

I’m your enthusiastic fan and live to see you RISE ABOVE + RELEASE all that keeps you feeling and looking heavy: Body, Heart, Mind & Soul.

I’ve worked with some top companies in wellness tourism like Bikini Bootcamp, Escape To Shape, Fab Fit Travel, and Fit & Fly Girl and I’m the founder of AIR Bar Fitness + creator of Active Internal Resistance Training. 

Open your heart to what is possible

Here’s what a typical day might look like:

5:00 || Coffee and natural teas
7:30 || Light Breakfast
8:00-10:30 || Yoga asana practice and meditation
10:30-4:00 || FREE TIME and ADVENTURES
12:00 || Lunch
4:00-5:30 || special yoga workshops/practices on selected days
6:30 || Dinner

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What's Included

Dessert for Resort Guests | Blue Osa


Delicious farm-to-table meals and snacks using homegrown, organic ingredients.

Resort Guests Enjoying Costa Rica | Blue Osa


Intentionally designed beachfront eco-friendly rooms with ocean views and the use of the 25-meter pool.

Take a flight to the osa peninsula || Blue Osa Yoga Retreat || Skyway


Airport transfer from Puerto Jimenez to Blue Osa and return taxes.


Daily yoga classes and yoga props including mats, blocks and straps.

“If you are wondering if this event will be worth it, please take my word that it made me so GRATEFUL that I gave it to myself. Just returned home last night. Went with my two friends and not only did WE all bond together, but I got a good hard look into myself. Took time FOR myself. Felt muscles and emotions new to me. Watched the sun come up with delight (I never do this at home). Special doesn't even begin to describe.”
— Sue Glader January, 2020
“It felt like a makeover for my body, mind and soul.”
— Christine McGraw April, 2019