Live with us on the beach in Costa Rica!

Live with us! || Residential Program

We invite you to become part of a yogic community with us.

Have you ever dreamed of living on a beach in the tropics?

Eating fresh tropical food each day prepared for you?

To be a part of a yogic community?

Since Blue Osa has opened, we have been a sanctuary to those who need space for healing and inner alignment – to slow down, let go and experience deep stillness.

Blue Osa is a safe place where visitors could seek answers to life’s big questions and sink into a deeper understanding of who they are. After all, everyone wants to be loved and be a part of something bigger.

Now you can work remotely, wake up every day in a tropical destination, and live the yogic life you have always wanted to.

Sep, 23 — Dec, 17 | $1499

Click on this link to learn more, and apply now! Limited space is available.

We have many lodging options available.

What is it like to live at Blue Osa on the beach in Costa Rica?