Blue Osa, An Instant Home

Blue Osa an instant home

Something special happened when I got to Blue Osa, and I knew it the minute I stepped foot on the property. Maybe it was the ocean greeting me from the entrance. It could have been the electric green jungle radiating with exotic sounds. It’s possible that it was the elegant architecture of the yoga studio shining in the sun. But beyond the physical beauty of the resort, I felt something much deeper. There was an immediate feeling of being home.

From the beginning, the location of Blue Osa sets it apart from other places that I have visited. The resort is located deep in the remote tropical jungle on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. It is bordered on three sides by a rich and dense rainforest and on one side by the gulf coast. It takes twenty minutes traveling down a dirt road just to reach the entrance.

From the moment I arrived, the warm smiles of the owner and staff welcomed me. Michael, the Manager of Blue Osa, offered me a packet of information on the most frequently asked questions, which put any of my initial fears or concerns to rest. Then he showed me around the property on a personalized tour.

Throughout the day I was introduced to fellow travelers and yoga enthusiasts. I noticed that we were all drawn to Blue Osa with a similar mission, which supported an immediate camaraderie between the guests. I found that the new friendships and bonds were quickly forged through the shared experiences of meditation, yoga and Eco-Tours (ranging from zip-lining to chocolate tours). And then at dinner everyone gathered around the large buffet table to see what was served for supper. The local chefs described each plate and it’s ingredients to the gathered guests.

There were a variety of factors that made me fall in love with Blue Osa. The combination of its isolated location, the welcoming staff, and the community of kindred spirits made it a truly unique experience. I think of it as a “camp for big kids” 🙂 After just one day I felt comfortable and safe here, and after just a month, I feel like I’ve found a place where my soul is happy and a space that I can call home.

Lara Healy the Barefoot Blogger

About the author

Lara is the current garden volunteer at Blue Osa. She is originally from Minnesota, and spent the last three years in Colorado. In 2013 she decided to spend a year abroad focusing on travel, yoga & gardening. Read more about Lara’s journey on her travel blog at:



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