The History of Yoga (In Brief)

The History Of Yoga

Widely practiced for its health and relaxation benefits, yoga has been around for thousands of years. Originating in India, Yoga combines physical, mental, and spiritual practices which allow an individual to develop or retain health, … Read More

What Does It Mean To Be Great

30 Photos That Will Make You Want To Sign Up For Yoga Teacher Training Today

What does it mean to be great? This is a question we have been sitting with quite a bit here at Blue Osa. Of course, there is no one answer; greatness can mean any number … Read More

Why I Keep Returning To Blue Osa

Yoga Retreat Returning To Blue Osa

There are several reasons Ewa & Valentina’s Yoga Travel always return to Blue Osa: The proximity to nature, the way Blue Osa is designed by yogis for yogis, and the community that it’s a part … Read More