Beach Life: 5 Beaches to visit near Blue Osa

Life in the jungle in the embrace of the wildness of nature is still quite remote and pure. The roads are bumpy, dusty and when it rains, the roads can be disconnected. Life here is planned by the tides and we live with the sun and moon, and let the stars guide us. Most likely because of the horrible condition of the roads, the Osa Peninsula has remained its natural state. Yet global warming has taken its toll and affected the nature.

As the continuous rise in water level, due to the fact the glaciers are melting, is taking a toll on the beachfront forest. The water is taking over and the trees have less foundation to plant their roots, and that is why we see daily new fallen tree trunks at the beach. Hundreds of year old trees just fall down, with huge root systems pulled up from the ground. It’s very sad to witness.

The Powerful Pacific Ocean Meets Magical Forests

Playa Tamales, the beachfront by Blue Osa is very clean, with only minimal trash left behind by the local fisherman. Tamales beach is tucked away in a bay, and that way remains clear from the trash that unfortunately exists in the Pacific Ocean. We are blessed to be located on such an amazing quiet beach. There are days when you can take a walk on the beach for one hour and not see one single human being. Just you and nature. There are plenty of places to go skinny dipping and just chill and enjoy the wonders of nature. Yet there are days, during the red snapper fishing season when the beach is packed with local families with their fishing reels and camping gear. Be aware of the limitless lines and reels that hang from the trees reaching to the ocean.

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Blue Osa Life

Enjoy The Magnificent Sunrise At Blue Osa At Playa De Tamales

While staying at Blue Osa, it is highly recommended to wake up at 5 am to be at the beach by 5:10 to witness the morning break-through. The sky is painted with most spectacular colors. Every morning is different. During low tide, you can take a long walk by the beach in either direction and just be one with nature. The change in tides is big, so whenever you go on the beach, make sure the tide is not playing against you as the ocean will always win. Personally, I almost lost my flipflops as I left them too close to the waves, when the tide was getting higher.

Check out some of the amazing sunrises I have captured while staying at Blue Osa below.

The sunrise is definitely a reason to come to Blue Osa and while here, it is a great reason to wake up at 5 am every damn day:

Blue Osa Life

Blue Osa Life

Blue Osa Life

Blue Osa Life


5 Beaches To Visit Near Blue Osa

If you are looking to see more beachfront on the Osa Peninsula, here are some options. Keep in mind that life here changes every day. If you have visited a beachfront a few years back it could be that the scene is totally different today.

Blue Osa Life


Puerto Jimenez beach

Distance From Blue Osa: 40 min

The sand: This is a nice beach to sit by, have a picnic and chill. Or sit in one of the beachfront restaurants. Good for Sunrise. Enjoy a drink, lunch or dinner at the waterfront restaurants.

Sensation: Puerto Jimenez small city life by the beach

The crowd: Sometimes Saturdays and Sundays

Surfing: No surfing, no swimming. Good for dolphin watching.


Perla de Osa

Distance From Blue Osa: 1h

The sand: Lots of it. One of the most sandy beaches around. No rocks so it’s good for swimming. Go at low tide.

Sensation: Discover the beauty of nature.

The crowd: It’s there, but there are many places to go and find a private spot. There are hotels nearby such as Aqua Dulce and some private houses.

Surfing: Sometimes good.


Pan Dulce

Distance From Blue Osa: 35 min

The sand: There is sand but it is considered a rocky beach. This is the place where beginner’s surf-classes take place. Good to go during low tide, just to see where the rocks are.

Sensation: Nice area close to areas such as Casa Bamboo

The crowd: Normally plenty of people, due to beginner surfers.

Surfing: The beginner surfing spot.

This is one of the best places to see the sunset from this part of the peninsula, as the highlands hide the sunset at many parts of the Osa Peninsula.


Blue Osa Life



Distance From Blue Osa: 1 h

The sand: Beautiful beach and entrance to Corcovado. The primary forest and plenty of wildlife nestles this beach of Karate. This beach is all about open sea, wild current, and big waves.

Sensation: Connect with nature. Find the lagoon Peje Perrito.

The crowd: Sometimes, there is a crowd on this beach, as the tour groups come here for Corcovado and there are a few hotels around. This is the place to see turtle nesting.

Surfing: No surfing and no swimming

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BlueOsa Life


Playa de Alemania / Germany

Distance From Blue Osa: 15 min. Narrow entrance to the beach.

The sand: The beach strip is quite narrow and during mid tide. When to sun is up, the black sand is burning hot. When the tide gets lower, enjoy the sun by just laying on the rocks that are revealed from the ocean moment by moment. The waves are calm and the shoreline is shallow so it’s fairly easy to get into the water for swimming.

Sensation: Just relax in the sun. If you need shade, the forest will provide that.

The crowd: Plenty of beginner surfers and kids.

Surfing: Connect with a surf school and book your beginner classes here.


Beach Activities

If you are wondering what to do when you get to the beach, well your imagination is the limit. If you are challenged to get your creativity going, here are ten ideas to get you started.


Water Sports: Surf, swim, SUP, Canoe

Some beaches are better than others for surfing. Connecting with the local surf instructors will help you to figure out which beach is good for your level and how the tides are playing out. As we are in the jungle by the ocean, some precautions are always in place when entering new waters, just to be safe about any strong currents, crocodiles or rocks.


Run and Walk

In the heat of Costa Rica, just sitting will get you sweating. If you don’t mind a bit more sweat, take a walk by the beach. Get your toes wet and sandy. Running barefoot or even with shoes on when it’s low tide is a very intense workout. No need to run far or fast before you feel yourself reaching your limit. Listen to your body and remember to drink water, as you do get very dehydrated. Pipa, coconut water, is the best natural recovery drink after heavy sweating.


Collect Seashells and Find a Heart Shaped Stone

Collecting the treasures of the sea is a hobby of mine. I try to find the most beautiful seashell to make into jewelry. I also collect heart-shaped stones. I have a collection at home from wherever I travel, and the Costa Rican beaches are just filled with hearts. Yet remember to be sustainable. Pick only one or two, not all hearts are meant to be collected.


Play: Make a Sand Angel

As I am from Finland, we have a tradition of making snow angels by the beach during wintertime, when the sea is frozen and covered with ice and snow. So why not make sand angles! It might be a bit dirty and you do need to get in the ocean afterwards, but have fun, let go and get playful. The best surface for sand angels is soft sand. Be mindful that it might get super hot, so better make those angels in the morning.



One of my favorite beach activities is yoga. As the surface is so soft and uneven, a mat is not necessary, and you can simply practice on your beach towel. There will be plenty of sweat during the daytime, so a morning practice is recommended. Even if practicing at 7 am, it is recommended you wear sunscreen. What is great about practicing on the beach is that your routine sequence will find new meaning, as each asana is different on the sand requiring more focus, control and adjustment. Change in perception is guaranteed.

Yoga on the beach


Get Tanned

Take your beach towel out, find a nice spot, get your book out and just enjoy life and get tanned, for that beautiful bronzed skin. Restore the vitamin D in your body, and remember to drink plenty of water and wear a hat to prevent dehydration.


Observe the Nature, the Waves and Birds

There is so much going on, continuously in nature. It’s like watching a movie. So enjoy this 3D live film at the beach. Observe the powerful motion of the waves, moving rocks and shells, observe the pelicans as they drop into the ocean to catch fish, maybe you can spot a jumping fish, manta ray or dolphin. See the small crabs playing hide and seek from their holes and using seashells as cover to move around. Spot turtle footprints, a sign of nesting.


Have a Picnic

Enjoy the beach life, fresh air and the ocean waves with a picnic. Fruits, quesadillas, sandwich, chips and guacamole make a great picnic. Add some wine and/or beers. Take cups, a bottle opener and a plastic bag for your trash. Clean up after your picnic.


See the Sunrise

The beach is probably the best place to see the sunrise. Arrive early, when it is still dark, to fully enjoy and see the change of the colors of the sky. By 5.10 AM the sky starts to change and by 6 AM the sun will be up. Take your camera with you and capture your sunrise moment.

BlueOsa Life


See the Sunset

The sunset is almost as amazing as the sunrise. Prepare yourself with a flashlight as, when the sun goes down, it will be dark. The best places for sunsets are in Drake Bay.


Just as a reminder, whenever in nature, act responsibly. The Osa Peninsula is one of the most fragile natural and well-preserved areas left. So be mindful. Do not leave trash behind.


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