A Sneak Peak At A Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

Yoga Poses | practice yoga in costa rica | yoga retreats on the osa peninsula

This week at Blue Osa we welcomed a new group for the Flow, Align, & Restore yoga retreat lead by the amazing Alain Benitez.

Some the highlights from the retreat include:

Sunrise meditations.




Delicious and healthy farm-to-table meals.




New friends joining the ever growing community of Blue Osa.




Observing howler monkeys from the comfort the of Blue Osa back yard.


Howler Monkey Costa Rica Osa Peninsula


Trekking through the jungles, eating the freshest fruits, and learning how Costa Rican chocolate is made.




Exploring new yoga poses and deepening our practice.


Yoga Poses | practice yoga in costa rica | yoga retreats on the osa peninsula


Shavasana with our fury yoga partners.


dogs yoga costa rica


One of the underlaying themes of the week has been creating space for risk:

When you give yourself space to take more risks, you open yourself up for endless possibility, growth, and change. Yoga allows us to explore our comfort zones and courageously expand, both on and off the mat.

This weeks retreat focused on alignment, inversions, strength, and restoration, providing everyone with a renewed focus.

Thank you to Alain for leading a truly transformative retreat.

If you are:

  • craving adventure
  • interested in exploring your yoga practice
  • ready for growth and change
  • in desperate need of pushing the reset button

Join us for one of our upcoming retreats. Click here to learn more about the retreats coming to Blue Osa.

For all the male yoga lovers and adventure enthusiast out there, check out Alain’s Yoga and Adventure Retreat for Men.



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