6 Things to Do During Yoga Teacher Training

6 Things to Do During Yoga Teacher Training

One of the most common questions asked when coming to Blue Osa is: what is there to do? With 20 people coming to Blue Osa to participate in the One-Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training, we wanted to make sure you knew all of your options. As we often tell our guests, you can do nothing or you can stay as active as you like. So here is our list of 6 things to do during yoga teacher training.

1) Matapolo Hike

Matapaolo hald day hilke in the corcovado rainforest costa rica One of the best ways to explore the jungle while staying at Blue Osa is on our Rainforest Jungle Adventure Hike with resident naturalist Fillo. This is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to commit to a full day hike. Fillo will guide you through an adventurous and breathtaking hike where you will have a chance to see various species of monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans, and if you’re are lucky a sloth hanging high above the rainforest canopy. At the end of the hike, you have the option of cooling off by jumping into a waterfall.

2) Chocolate Tour

costa-rica-friends-gatheredThe Chocolate tour is always a guest favorite. Exploring the cacao orchards with a short trek through the jungle, you’ll feel as if you stepped back in time. As you learn the roots of the cacao agriculture during the Mayan empire, you’ll taste fresh fruits from the organic garden, learn about primary and secondary forests, and explore cacao production from fermentation to roasting to the production of raw chocolate. Make sure to keep your eyes open for squirrel monkeys, jesus christ Lizards, and macaws. Last but not least, you’ll enjoy a feast of raw chocolate among the backdrop of the jungle.

3) Zip Lining

Costa Rica Zipline tour | Canopy tour The real essence of enjoying an adrenaline-packed vacation in Costa Rica lies in participating in activities that come under various avatars of zip-line and canopy tour.  This is among the most thrilling activities and at the same time safest.  Glide through the canopy 30 meters up in the air at eye-level with 90% of the forest wildlife. Enjoy the thrill of the ride. Low impact and easy to control your speed. A little dizzying being up so high. Let the magical opulence of the Costa Rican rain forests seep into your consciousness while you travel from one zip-line to another.

4) Turtle Sanctuary

Learn how to identify turtle tracks We’ve partnered with the Osa Conservation Center to offer this unique package.  Click here to read about Blue Osa’s adventure is saving the sea turtles.

Two main species of sea turtles visit the Southeastern beaches of the Osa Peninsula: Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) and Black or Pacific Green turtles (Chelonia mydas agraziissi). Both of these species are globally endangered. You’ll stay at Blue Osa and work along side Osa Conservation staff to protect the nesting sites on two nesting beaches–Piro and Pejeperro.

You can either wake up early in the morning to rescue sea turtle eggs, or you can spend the late evening with the Osa Conservation crew patrolling the beach as the turtles come to lay their eggs.
This important research is vital to motoring nesting activity, predation rates and hatchling success of these awe-inspiring species.  If your ready to give back to the environment and want to take more than just a vacation, join us in saving the Sea Turtles.

5) Animal Sanctuary

Howler Monkey Costa Rica Osa PeninsulaThe Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the care of orphaned and injured wild animals for subsequent re-introduction to their original habitat. The Sanctuary is located on the northeast corner of the Golfo Dulce and cannot be reached by any means other than boat. Facilities at the Sanctuary include housing for injured animals, and medical treatment and staff to care for and rear vulnerable animals. The facility receives mostly juvenile animals that are orphaned by illegal hunting or that have been for some reason abandoned by their mothers. Many of these tiny vulnerable creatures are friendly and can be petted, making this destination one of the most family-friendly activities in the whole region. You can hire a boat to transport you to the Osa Sanctuary for a private visit, or join a variety of tours that combine the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary with boat tours of the gulf, dolphin watching, and snorkeling.

6) Spa Treatments at Blue Osa

Blue Osa Eco Spa in Costa Rica Awaken Your Senses and Harmonize with the spirit of Blue Osa. Located in our tranquil rooms, our spa provides a serene setting for receiving purifying facials, therapeutic body scrubs and wraps, acupuncture treatments and rejuvenating massages.Inspired by the nourishing power of our natural surroundings we have created a holistic approach to treating body, mind and spirit through the natural rainforest botanicals, massage and various Ayurvedic healing modalities.

Many of the ingredients from our spa treatments are organically sourced from rainforests in the Osa Peninsula, and healing properties from local plains are extracted and used whenever possible.

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