5 Inspirational Yogis Practicing Off the Mat

5 Inspirational Yogis Who Practice on and Off the Mat4

By Lianne Raymond

When your cup is full, it’s time to share.

Yoga practice helps me get out of my own way. It allows me to create space, breathe fully and open my heart. When I am working from a place of clarity, I have noticed that I am better equipped to be of service. I like to say that yoga helps me fill up my cup so that I can share with others.

Yoga is so much more than upward dog and plank pose. It’s a way of life.

These 5 well-known yogis definitely take their practice off the mat and provide me with inspiration to give back.

1. Elena Brower

Elena’s idea of service starts at home. Brower’s teachings often focus on improving relationship with ourselves so that we can show up better for those around us. She is inspired by a time in her life when she felt disconnected from her ‘job’ as a yoga teacher and ‘duties’ as a mother. Her practice helped her encompass a more holistic lifestyle where she feels balanced and authentic in her relationships.

She now makes it her mission to help others achieve harmony in their lives.

“To serve is to approach any situation or interaction as a chance to give rather than expecting to receive.”
“Serving is a refined practice,”
she says.

Read more About Elena – elenabrower.com


5 Inspirational Yogis Who Practice On and Off the Mat1

Image via elenabrower.com

2. Mark Lilly

Mark Lilly is the founder of Street Yoga, a nonprofit that teaches yoga to at-risk youth and their families in Portland Oregon. He also founded Yoga Service Council, an umbrella organization that supports yoga-related services projects in the U.S. by sharing best practices and providing a forum for communication.


5 Inspirational Yogis Who Practice On and Off the Mat2

Image via streetyoga.org

3. Seane Corn

For Corn, sega (selfless service) means going outside of your comfort zone and extending yourself when you might normally withdraw.

In 2008, she co-founded “Off the Mat and Into the World” – a grassroots organization that raises awareness and funds for international causes. The program offers an annual Global Seva Challenge, a fundraising effort that has raised more than $1M for communities in need.

Read more about Seane Corn.


5 Inspirational Yogis Who Practice on and Off the Mat3

4. Amy Lombardo

Amy may be a celebrity yoga instructor to the stars, but she is not lost in the celebrity world.

She co-founded Karma Krew, a national nonprofit that connects yogis to service projects in their communities. There are now Karma Krew groups in dozens of towns and cities across the globe. Service projects mostly focus on things like offering free yoga at orphanages, painting halfway houses, or working in soup kitchens.

Read more about Amy here.

5 Inspirational Yogis Who Practice on and Off the Mat4

5. Dana Walters

Dana Walters co-founded Project Yoga Richmond. She is an internationally renown instructor who offers donation-based classes to people who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

“My biggest passion and greatest joy is community service,” she says.

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5 Inspirational Yogis Who Practice on and Off the Mat5

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