5 Farm-To-Table Herbs From The Blue Osa Garden

5 spices from the garden of Blue Osa Costa Rica

The Blue Osa Garden is thriving with many different herbs, and every day an aromatic arrangement is brought to the kitchen for our chefs to create world-class dishes. Below you will find descriptions of how each herb is used in the preparation of healthy, nourishing food, as well as helpful information about their medicinal benefits.

1. Culantro

This wild and abundant cousin of cilantro is a staple of Latin American cuisine, and its distinctive flavor appears on the Blue Osa table in salads, beans, dressings, salsas, soups and perfumed rice.

Culantro has anti-inflammatory properties and can be made into a tea that soothes aching of the ears, stomach, and head.

2. Albaca (Basil)

The intoxicating fragrance of basil permeates our kitchen in the form of delicious pestos, salsa, salad, drinking water infusions, and a special “Pan de Yerbas” (herbal bread).

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to promote cardiovascular health.

3. Apio (Celery)

What? Celery, you say? That’s not an herb! Actually, the celery growing at Blue Osa is an herb, as opposed to the typical thick, juicy stalk most people are used to. Our celery grows thin and a bit wispy, but it is packed with flavor. The strong essence of celery is a delicious addition to soups, cooked beans, and any other brothy or saucy creation.

Celery is an anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory properties; it can also improve cardiovascular health.

4. Perejil (Parsley)

Our chefs expertly draw out the essence of parsley in marinades for fish and chicken. Also, its distinct flavor appears in salad dressings and salsas.

Parsley is an anti-oxidant whose health benefits also include the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, flushing of excess fluid from body, and regulation of blood pressure.

5 spices from the garden of Blue Osa Costa Rica

5. Menta (Mint)

Our chefs feature mint in a special watermelon gazpacho, and also as a garnish to our world-class desserts. Mint from the garden adds flourish to cocktails made with love from behind the Blue Osa bar.

Mint is a cooling herb that provides a lovely refreshment to the body in the hot, humid, tropical Costa Rican climate! It can help improve digestion, and is used to treat nausea, headache, and respiratory issues.



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