15 Packing Essentials for a Costa Rican Vacation

15 Packing Essentials for a Costa Rican Vacation

By Sarah Barnes

Pura Vida! So you’ve decided to grab your best friends or your lover and take off to the wonderful land of paradise, otherwise known as Costa Rica. The easy part is over! We know packing for a trip can sometimes be the most stressful part of preparing to hop onto the plane for your week away so we’ve taken the guess work out of it. Below we’ve compiled the 15 packing essentials for your Costa Rican get-away.


15 LuLu Essentials for a Costa Rican Vacation

Backpack | Why You’ll Need it

This one seems like a given, but you’ll be surprised how many travelers are still using large, clunky rolling bags or suitcases. A good backpack is as essential as a comfortable pair of walking shoes

Yoga Mat | Why You’ll Need it

Costa Rica is becoming one of the most sought after destinations for yoga retreats, teacher trainings and more. Any city you travel to is guaranteed to have yoga packages, studios or teachers within a stone throw away. Who doesn’t need a little bit extra Zen whilst traveling?

Yoga Mat Bag | Why You’ll Need it

Unless you have a travel mat that folds into a tiny square and provides you with enough cushion they can sometimes be cumbersome to fit into your pack. Having a yoga mat bag on hand can ease taking your mat as a carry-on and usually have several pockets to accommodate any extra necessities.

15 LuLu Essentials for a Costa Rican Vacation

Reusable Water bottle| Why You’ll Need it

Costa Rica is full of activities ranging from laying on the beach all the way to hiking and zip lining. Located near the equator, whether you are standing still or walking around, you are going to be sweating. Travelers equipped with a water bottle Replace those fluids and stay hydrated all day long!

Headband(s)| Why You’ll Need it

Down in Costa Rica there is no need to do your hair. Between the humid air and plethora of activities to do, ain’t nobody got time for that! For hassle free days of practicing triangle poses, rappelling down waterfalls and riding through the jungle on horses, make sure and pack a few good headbands to tame those crazy strays.

Tank Top(s) | Why You’ll Need it

The cocktails in Costa Rica are quite amazing as they use local fresh fruits and sugar cane liquor. As a result, this may lead to you feeling less than fit and fabulous depending on how much you indulge. Besides being delectably airy, tank tops give you a bit of room to hide those food babies and post-party nights. It’s okay girlfriend. It happens!

Underwear| Why You’ll Need it (Debatable)

Underwear is a debatable item as most people find it obsolete once they are here. If you simply MUST pack underwear, a thin, lightweight and seamless pair or two is the way to go.

Short Skirt| Why You’ll Need it

You won’t regret packing this item, as it is an essential on the packing list. A short, mid-thigh, skirt or skirt with shorts underneath allows for sun on your legs and air in all the right places. Let’s not forget that a skirt slides on MUCH easier than jeans or a pair of spandex yoga pants on a hot day. The best part? These can double for nights out on the town as well as daily activity wear. SCORE!

Long Skirt| Why You’ll Need it

Sometimes a short skirt just doesn’t quite fit for an evening out. At least one fancier piece might be a good idea. Although just like all the other pieces, you won’t regret packing a lightweight and breathable option for an outing or dinner with your mates.

Capris| Why You’ll Need it

Hiking is a regular thing in Costa Rica and you’ll want to be protected yet comfortable as you climb. A good pair of loose-fitting, light and water resistant capris can go a long way. If you want to be super prepared, a hidden key pocket for your room key or ID is a nice addition.

Shorts| Why You’ll Need it

We can’t stress enough the importance of lightweight and versatile clothing; a pair of durable shorts fit the bill. These give you room to move while still covering all your essentials. Going for a double whammy? Pack a pair with a built in brief liner and join the underwear boycott whilst in Costa Rica.

Sports Bra(s) | Why You’ll Need it

Let’s be real for a second. It is hot as hell most of the time in Costa Rica and putting on an actual bra is out of the question. Find a sports bra with a front clasp and sweat-wicking fabric, your lady friends will be happy and you’ll be comfortable for any activity.

Sleeveless Shirt | Why You’ll Need it

Light and airy for those humid and sunny days, sleeveless tees are another way to stay cool during any Zen-seeker or adventurer’s vacation.

Short Sleeve Shirt| Why You’ll Need it

Spent a tiny bit too much time in the sun? Having one or two short sleeve shirts is a welcome relief and will cover those sensitive areas that might have gotten a bit to red from playful days at the beach.

Yoga Pants| Why You’ll Need it

Let’s be honest. Yoga pants are god’s gift to women. Not only do they make our bums look good, they also feel good on long days of window shopping in San Jose or hiking up around Arenal. Anything that hugs our lovely lady lumps and keep our curves from chaffing during adventures is a MUST have!

Headed to Costa Rica?

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