15 Easy Spanish Phrases: A Cheat Sheet for the Food and Wine

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Spain is renowned for its rich history, culture and of course, its food and wine! With different regions offering a range of special cuisines and flavors, the opportunities to indulge and spoil yourself are endless.

Be it on a guided farm tour, wine tasting, dinner to get that extra cultural connection, or maybe when you’re out at a local bar – a few easy Spanish phrases can take you a long way. In light of our upcoming retreat to Spain, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of easy Spanish phrases about food and wine to ensure you, and your taste buds, get the absolute most out of every meal.

15 Easy Spanish Phrases: A Cheat Sheet for the Food and Wine

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1. I have a buzz

After a few drinks, you’ll likely start to feel tipsy. When that wine gets to your head, now you can tell people “Tengo un zumbido”.

2. Would you like a drink?

When it’s time for your round at the bar or you meet a special someone and want to offer to buy them a nice drop, ask “¿quieres una bebida”

3. Can I have some more, please?

Whether it’s delicious food or wine, more often than not you’ll find yourself asking “¿Puedo tener un poco más, por favor?”

4. You want something to eat?

Food in Spain will have you watering at the mouth, and often times directly after lunch, you’ll be window-shopping other restaurants find yourself repeating the same question “Quieres algo a comer?”

5. What do you recommend?

Who better to ask the opinion of for the best food or wine at the joint than the waiter serving you. When given the menu, you can ask “¿qué recomienda usted”

6. First I want the …

When choosing what order you’d like things in, this simple saying will help you prioritize what you want initially, “De primero, quiero los”

7. For the main course, I want …

Continuing on from number 6, you can then order your main meal with “Para el plato principal, que quiero”

8. Bill, please

As the night comes to a close after an epic meal or in the wee hours of the morning, remember to grab your coat and don’t forget to ask “la cuenta por favor”

9. Waiter

As the server rushes by, politely raising your hand and saying “Camarero” should grab his attention.

10. I have a reservation for …

Arriving at a restaurant, your stomach will be asking you to cut right to the chase and let reception know “tengo una reserva para”

11. I want some wine

No caption required. “Me apetece un vinito”

12. This wine is delicious/good/horrible!

The wine tours will have you exclaiming “Este vino es delicioso, bueno, horribles” The former, certainly but the latter; not so much!

13. I prefer red wine

Something heard more often than not in Spain, “Yo prefiero vino tinto”

14. A corkscrew, please

Now, this is a tool worth it’s weight in gold when drinking in the privacy of your own hotel room – so don’t forget to ask for “un sacacorcho, por favor”

15. I want to buy two bottles of wine

Spanish wine will ensure your money is gone faster than a toupee in a hurricane and always have you buying twice as much as should, “Quiero comprar dos botellas del blanco”

Learning these easy Spanish phrases for food and wine will ensure your taste buds don’t miss out of any of the unique delicacies and flavors Spain has to offer.

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Easy Spanish Phrases A Cheat Sheet for Food and Wine

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