Do You Really Know How To Down Dog?


When thinking about Downward Facing Dog in yoga, there are many different reactions depending on the student. There are those of us that grimace thinking about our hamstrings stretching or putting weight on our hands. … Read More

Easy Morning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy

Easy Morning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy

We understand how coming home after a peaceful escape can be a difficult transition. Our yoga retreat in Costa Rica offers beautiful surroundings, healthy meals, and intimate yoga instruction. Living a healthy lifestyle is simple … Read More

5 Common TRX Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

TRX Mistakes

TRX Suspension Training is emerging as the ‘hot new thing’ amongst athletes, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. While it is indeed the muscle building and tone developing archetype it’s cracked up to be, the use … Read More

Is a Fitness Retreat Right For You?

Fitness Retreat

The idea of getting fit and vacationing at the same time is not a new concept, and doing both together is a wonderful way to combine beautiful scenery with new exercise habits. But doing a … Read More