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Eating Clean at Blue Osa and Beyond

      When you are seeking a spiritual balance you must focus on more than simply your mind. Your body is half of your whole and the physical vessel that provides your daily transport, your physical conversation with life. Beyond the beauty of the jungle and its wildlife, the focus on meditation through yoga

Flying On Nature Air To Costa Rica

  Flying On Nature Air To Costa Rica   Looking out of the little window of the Nature Air plane, my heart swells as we glide through the thin blanket of clouds. Below me, Costa Rica is spread out like a lush green felt carpet. It’s breath-taking. I’m on my way to Blue Osa Yoga

The Benefits Of Yoga – What You Didn’t Know!

  As a formally vocal sceptic that recently “found” yoga during a month long stay at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa, I was keen to do a little digging into the benefits that yoga could provide. The results were staggering!     The Benefits Of Yoga – What you Didn’t Know!      

Meditate like a Monk!

    Here’s How You Can Start To Meditate Like A Monk   Yoga and meditation were simply meant to be. Together they sit comfortably shoulder to shoulder in the pantheon of great double acts, legendary names like Lemon and Mathieu, Martin and Davis Jnr, Astaire and Rodgers, Peanut Butter and Jelly. Like all these

Newbie Surfing on the Osa Peninsula? This Is For You:

  We started out when the sun had just crested the distant hills on the other side of the bay. The dust on the road was barely visible without passing cars to shake it up, and the gravel crunched under our feet. It was 6:30 am. The air held a morning chill it would soon