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How I Live My Spiritual Life and Teach What I Practice

How I live my spiritual life and teach what I practice Blue Osa Costa Rica

By Susan Smith   Susan is one of Blue Osa’s senior teachers who leads retreats every February.     What are your foundational beliefs about life? What are your values?   I believe in the good in all people. And, kindness and truth are the keys to freedom and happiness. If we can all see

Raw Vegan Fudge

raw vegan fudge Blue Osa Costa Rica

This fudge is the perfect dish for health-conscious people who are looking for a sweet treat. Only 4 ingredients, no refined sugar and you can make it in under 5 minutes!     Raw Vegan Fudge From the Kitchen of Blue Osa Gluten Free, raw, vegetarian & dairy free. Serves 6   Ingredients: 1/2 cup

Yoga Opens the Door to Freedom

yoga practice opens the door to your freedom

By Yogi Aaron   Yoga can ultimately have the potential to set itself apart from mainstream spiritual organizations by virtue of the fact that we address the wild, untamed, ‘dirty’ and unmentionable parts of our own humanity.     In order for us to find out who it is that we truly are, I believe

Yoga Pose Inspiration: Uttanasana – Forward Fold

bend your knees and let your head hang Blue Osa Costa Rica

The Sanskrit word uttanasana comprises ut, which means “intense,” “powerful,” or “deliberate,” and the verb tan, meaning to “stretch,” “extend,” or “lengthen.” Uttanasana is a stretch of the entire back body, a yogic term that covers the territory from the soles of the feet and up the backs of the legs; spans the lower, middle,

Living Eco-Friendly as a Way of Life

Living Eco-Friendly as a Way of Life Blue Osa Costa Rica

by Naomi Olson   Eco-friendly is often a marketing term used to promote products that are earth friendly and non-harming to the environment. Yet it can also be embraced as way of life. Eco stems from Ecology, the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment. Friendly is to be favorable or serviceable.