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How to Travel for Free*

How to Travel the World for Free

By Lindsay   Photo Source: Jo Christian Oterhals, Flickr   *Ok, not exactly “free.” It does cost money to get from Point A to Point B, but through ever-increasingly popular volunteer programs, it is possible to see the world and secure your food and shelter in exchange for various types of work.   After teaching

Top 7 Favorite Traditional Spanish Dishes

Torilla Espanola - Traditional Spanish Cuisine

By Olivia Christine Perez   You don’t have to be a foodie to love Spanish cuisine. Originating in various regions of the country, some of Spain’s most delectable fares are now famously consumed throughout the world. Here are seven of our favorite Spanish dishes, whether internationally known or exclusive to Spain.     1. Paella

A Beginners Guide to Spanish Wines

A guide to Spanish Wine

By Robbie Allison-Young     The wines of Spain are as diverse as the vast country’s landscapes. The culture of wine in Spain stretches back hundreds of years, but in the last 30 years or so the country has undergone a real transformation. Never has Spanish wine been of such good quality, so vibrant and

15 Easy Spanish Phrases: A Cheat Sheet for the Food and Wine

Visit Spain

By Robbie Allison-Young     Spain is renowned for it’s rich history, culture and of course, its food and wine! With different regions offering a range of special cuisines and flavors, the opportunities to indulge and spoil yourself are endless.   Be it on a guided farm tour, wine tasting, dinner to get that extra

Spain Feature: Spotlight on Hacienda Zorita

Hacienda Zorita, Spain

By Robbie Allison-Young     Foodies, yogis, wine-lovers and travelers – let us all unite!   This article will shine a spotlight on Hacienda Zorita – a gorgeous Spanish location that’s history is as rich and famous as its wine offerings. Located near Salamanca and in the heart of the Deuro Valley, we’ll dive into