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Costa Rica Weather Report January 29th, 2016

By Jorge Peraza   We are still going through dry season, but no one is complaining. January is filled with days of sunshine, refreshing breeze and good waves. This month brought joy to our guests all over the world as we welcome them into paradise and they forget about the cold winter back home.  

8 Poses To Help You Feel Great In Your Yoga pants

Yoga pants are becoming more and more accepted in society as every day apparel.   We wear our yoga pants not only to yoga class but to the grocery store, university classes, and maybe even to have a beer (or two…) with friends. Our yoga pants have become our friends. They are easy, comfortable, and

Why A Corporate Retreat Will Revolutionize Your Business

  One of the most important assets of your company is the employees. It is important that you acknowledge them. Employees are the core and the soul of a company. Their souls should be well taken care of. Providing a pleasant, stress-free, and safe working environment is essential for successful and smooth operations. But, there

Do You Really Know How To Down Dog?

  When thinking about Downward Facing Dog in yoga, there are many different reactions depending on the student. There are those of us that grimace thinking about our hamstrings stretching or putting weight on our hands. There are the yogis that smile thinking of it as a resting posture – a light moment’s break in-between

Unleash Your Creative Power: How A Retreat at Blue Osa Will Change Your Life

Discover how a week long retreat at Blue Osa can manifest positive change in your life:     The power of thought, creating and manifesting reality is often common conversation nowadays. So the question remains: Why does it work sometimes and not others? The answer is simple – fear. Our energetic body becomes blocked –