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Focus on Community Initiative- People Who Make a Difference

People who make a difference in our community blue osa costa rica

The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica houses 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. It is the most remote and isolated part of the country. Here at Blue Osa we are proud of our sustainable practices that help protect and support the beautiful environment that surrounds us.     Blue Osa’s Sustainable Practices:   Blue Osa is

Chocolate Brownies

chocolate brownies

Who does not deserve a small slice of heaven, right now? These brownies are timeless and classic. If a little goes a long way, enjoy it, guilt-free, with your coffee – then come back for seconds. Divine!     Chocolate Brownies From the Kitchen of Blue Osa While these brownies may not be gluten free

5 Reasons to Support your Local Farmers’ Market

lara farmer's market piece blue osa costa rica

by Lara Healy   One of my favorite places to go in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota was the Thursday morning farmers’ market on Nicollet Avenue. I impatiently waited every week to immerse myself in the bounty of fresh fruits and veggies scattered along the pedestrian walkway. I eagerly anticipated the crowded streets bursting with

Yoga Inspiration- Hanumanasana

Kat hanumanasana Costa Rica Blue Osa

Hanumanasana, the Greatest Leap Ever Taken   I was curious to know why this is called monkey pose – the answer is more detailed than imagined. In short: Hanuman is a great monkey hero in the epic Hindu poem Ramayama. The name translates to “Rama’s Journey”. Ascribed to the Hindu sage Valmiki, thematically the poem

The Employees of Blue Osa – Lalo, Patti, Lara, Erick and Fillo

family of blue osa Lalo

Lalo What is your secret spot at Blue Osa that a regular visitor staying here for just a few days might not know about?   “Well, I started working here only in February so I am still looking for some secrets in here, still listening and observing. I really enjoy the open kitchen from which