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Powerful Life Lessons Learned From 30 Days of Yoga in Costa Rica

Powerful Life Lessons Learned From 30 Days of Yoga in Costa Rica

By Casey Siemasko     I knew yoga teacher training would change my life. I just never could have imagined how.       I knew for a while that I wanted to visit Costa Rica to participate in a one-month yoga teacher training program. Whenever people asked me why I felt such a compelling

Costa Rica Weather Report May 22, 2015

Blue Osa Weather Report

By Jorge Peraza   As the days of the month of May are passing we start to feel the difference in the clime. The Costa Rica Weather Report comes quite more fresh and wet with some rains. The last week we had at least four days of light rain. Everything is alive and green, we

Yoga Quiz: Are You Ready For Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training Quiz

By Lara       You hit the mat everyday. You sweat it out. You can’t wait to get back to the studio for your next class. You’ve considered signing up for a teacher training program, but something is still holding you back. Well, it’s time to put all the excuses aside and face the

30-Day At Home Yoga Challenge For Transformation

30-day yoga challenge

By Casey Siemasko   Photo Credit: Dan Moore Photography Practice yoga once a week and you’ll get sore. Practice yoga three times a week and you’ll get fit. Practice yoga everyday and you’ll transform your life. ~ things yogis say I’ve had a “serious” yoga practice for about four years now. I use the word

So You Think You Can’t Meditate? Here’s Why You’re Wrong.

So you think you cant meditate

By Casey Siemasko   “The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life.” – Sogyal Rinpoche   Meditation. It’s becoming a bit of a buzzword, with celebrities like Katie Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and even Howard Stern boasting the benefits of the practice. But though this age-old tradition