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8 Nutritional Tips To Get Back On Track

what foods do I need to eat

As someone who has transcended a whole plethora of eating issues in the past, I’m completely over imposing restrictive rules when it comes to eating that are too rigid and leave no room for flexibility.   Trust me, in the past I have had the whole regime down. I tried every diet on the market

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

gluten free chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen of blue osa

More and more people are finding that they have a sensitivity to gluten. With this rising number, new and old flour alternatives are taking the spotlight. In the Blue Osa kitchen, we’re always looking for healthy, allergen-free recipes that taste good. These almond and coconut flour cookies passed the test!     Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip

Never Stop Learning

always keep learning about yourself

Marlize is a featured yoga teacher at Blue Osa. Click here to learn about her next upcoming retreat with us.   By Marlize Joubert   Today I am contemplating what it means to be a student. I’ve been teaching yoga for about ten years now, and I still feel I know very little. I feel

Personal transformation – the energy behind Sherry Frydenlund’s fearless + fun, yogi lifestyle

Sherry Frydenlunds fearless fun yogi lifestyle

By Andrew Tipton   Artist, yoga teacher, wellness expert, and entrepreneur – Sherry Frydenlund owns Rain Yoga, in Denver, Colorado. On November 17th, she is heading south into the jungles of Costa Rica, leading a yoga retreat at Blue Osa. We tracked Sherry down and asked her to give us a glimpse into her inspiration,

What has nature taught me about myself?

what can we learn from nature

by Raquel Alexandra   Chicago, my hometown, is a busy city. Busy in many good ways: there is always something to do, there are always people to see. My neighborhood, Logan Square, has a very small-town feel; I can count on seeing someone I know nearly every I leave my apartment–whether it’s a friend on