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Ready, Set, Go! How To Prepare For A Yoga Retreat

    Engage Your Body, Mind, and Spirit On An International Yoga Retreat   There is a variety of different reasons why people sign up for yoga retreats. Coming from all walks of lives, we join together for a yoga retreat with vastly different intentions and expectations for the time ahead. I took my first

Should You Use A Yoga Mat When You Practice?

    To Mat Or Not To Mat…   At first blush the title of this blog post lends itself to the question if using a mat is a necessary part of a yoga practice; however it goes well beyond that.   Yoga is so much more than yoga mats, pants and chanting OM. To

Five Guaranteed Ways To Become More Grounded

By Lara Healy     Uh-Oh, I’m “Un-Grounded”…But What Does That Even Mean?   I had heard many yogis, including our yoga teacher, Yogi Aaron, talk about the importance of staying “grounded.” But I always wondered, “What does that mean, exactly? What is being ‘grounded?’ Why was it important? And, how do I get it?”

5 Benefits of Blessing Our Meals

    “Bless the Food Before us. The Family Beside us, & The Love between us”   Too often we eat and fill our stomach without really engaging in the process. We sometimes tend to get so hungry that we just stuff the food into our system or grab a quick bite. Many are accustomed

How To Practice Yoga Anywhere You Go

    We are accustomed to our routines and behavioral patterns. Daily routines that have a positive effect on you are definitely good, yet sometimes it’s also good to break your pattern. The essence in all is the balance. When we wish to cultivate something new into our lives, incorporating new ways is most easily