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5 Amazing Secrets of The Angkor Wat

By Adi Zarsadias   The Angkor Wat is one of the most celebrated temples in the Angkor city of Cambodia.   The temple, which was built around the 12th century by King Suryavarman II, appears to be surrounded by secrets and interesting facts. Read on to find out     5 Amazing Secrets of The

Costa Rica Weather Report November 6th, 2015

By Jorge Pearaza   November 6th, 2015. This week the Costa Rica Weather Report has been so blessed with the amazing clime, we have had sunny days and clear nights full of stars and a great full moon that has shined all our souls. The temperature has averages around 76 degrees Fahrenheit.      

21 Reasons Why You should NOT Travel To Cambodia

Cambodia is a horrible place to visit. And here are 21 reasons why you should not travel to Cambodia with Blue Osa Journeys.                                                                

Don’t Throw Away Old Coconuts

So you’ve sipped all the water from your coconut, what do you do with the rest of it?   If the coconut is young, the flesh should be soft, jelly-like and almost transparent, easy to scoop out with a spoon to eat fresh off the husk. Mature coconuts have whiter, thicker and tougher flesh that

Business Meets Pleasure: A Guide to Working While on Vacation

Vacations are amazing, but did you know that working vacations can be incredible experiences, too? It can be hard to completely separate yourself from your work for the time it takes to get a really good vacation in, but there are ways you can relax and have fun while keeping up on your workload.