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Want To Get Back In Shape? Apply These Healthy Habits This Year.

Get Back in Shape

By Jeannie Mark Health experts agree, getting fit is an important factor to life. But often our busy schedules create excuses, so we start watching more TV or begin eating junk food instead of cooking healthy meals.   Luckily, these five steps to healthy habits are easy to do and attainable, even for packed lifestyles.

8 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Moving!

"You Said Tomorrow Yesterday" - Inspirational Quotes

By Robbie Allison-Young     If staying fit were easy, we’d all be walking around perfectly chiseled. But let’s be real. We all experience ups and downs while on the journey toward fitness.   Whether you’ve been working out all your life or just getting started, we could all use an extra dose of inspiration.

5 Common TRX Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

TRX Mistakes

By Robbie Allison-Young TRX Suspension Training is emerging as the ‘hot new thing’ amongst athletes, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. While it is indeed the muscle building and tone developing archetype it’s cracked up to be, the use of such equipment requires foresight to ensure the best results.   After consulting with personal and certified

Is a Fitness Retreat Right For You?

Fitness Retreat

By Jeannie Mark The idea of getting fit and vacationing at the same time is not a new concept, and doing both together is a wonderful way to combine beautiful scenery with new exercise habits. But doing a retreat, whether it’s yoga or TRX based, involves many factors. How do you know a fitness retreat

6 Reasons Why TRX is the Ultimate Travel Workout Companion


By Robbie Allison-Young It’s no secret that keeping in shape while on the road can be challenging. We inevitably find ourselves eating out more often, drinking WAY too much, sleeping less and making up excuses as to why we can’t, or shouldn’t, exercise. “There’s no gym in this part of town”, we tell ourselves. Or